Freelancing Risks

Why You Should Take Calculated Risks in Freelancing

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In today’s episode, I talk with Giselle Field. Giselle is a one-woman branding and design company. She loves to travel, and uses her travels as inspiration for her work.

Giselle started college as an art major, but realized it wasn’t for her. She quickly stumbled upon a graphic design class and has never looked back.

After college, she had a hard time finding full-time design work, and this pushed her to pursue freelancing and build her skills as an entrepreneur.

Overcoming fear and getting out of her comfort zone were crucial in getting Giselle to where she is today. Diving into freelancing full-time can be a scary scenario, especially if it’s not something you’re choosing. But Giselle realized she had to find ways to move out of her comfort zone in order to move forward personally and professionally.

Along the way, her now husband introduced her to rock climbing, which was helped her carry her confidence into the business world. The sport has taught her a lot about fear and perseverance, and has helped her overcome similar challenges in her career.

“You just have to put yourself out there, get out of your comfort zone, and think, what’s the worst that can happen?”

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