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Freelance Success Includes These Traits

The business side of freelancing and the 6 traits of those who succeed

You’re great at your skill, it’s what you do. If your business side isn’t great at what it does you might find you just created a needy job, not a livelihood.

At some point in the past you’ve likely been an employee of someone else’s business. You had a skill that served them and felt you could take that skill elsewhere, to serve yourself.

From Freelancelift by Liam Veitch September 2019

That was the plan at least.

You left that 9-5 incarceration for a reason but somewhere along the way you lost sight of it. That fire of ambition flickering inside all of us has the potential to fade into the darkness of day-to-day work.

Clients get in the way, life gets in the way, the days weeks and years slip through our fingers like a waterfall of lacklustre performances.

You slip into employee mode, allowing clients to be the boss and put up with this ‘day job’ swallowing you whole. If you’re lucky you might just earn as much as you did when you were an employee; those without such luck will give up.

Another way
I believe that with just a small amount of direction, accountability and focus we all have it within us to make real change. To find better clients, work better and earn more to support the lives we want to live; in the process working more ‘ON’ our business than ‘IN’ it.

That’s why I’m sitting here writing you this post, and why I’ve poured the last two years of my life into Freelancelift.

So which traits do the people who do make it have that most do not?

Put simply, they understand the business side of freelancing. They work deliberately, purposefully and with the understanding that it’s no longer somebody else’s job to do marketing, no longer somebody else’s role to bring in sales, or account management or quality control.

A mission
I’ve made it my mission over the past two years to build the biggest, most in-depth resource on the business side of freelancing. I’ve learned from the numerous community success stories that there are 6 main traits demonstrated by that nouveau-successful army.

Moreover, I now have a set of peers who have equaled or improved upon my own successes whom I’ve studied to bring you the traits that make them tick, recording several of those conversations for the podcast.

You left the 9-5 herd for a reason, consider how you might rekindle that ‘fire of ambition’; the thing that started you down this track in the first place. Here are 6 key traits you can improve upon to get you there.

Freelance Success

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