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Krios Freelancing is the Future

Find more projects and more workers on Krios. According to a study from Intuit, freelancers will comprise around 40 percent of the workforce by the year 2020. Another recent study, by Freelancers Union, shows that there are already more than 57 million freelancers working in the U.S. This number is expected to grow to more than half the total U.S. labor force over the next decade. Freelancing is the future, and Krios is a freelance services platform for hiring talented independent professionals.

One of the most significant reasons for this growing trend is the realization by employers that freelancers will produce substantial savings on administrative and healthcare costs.

In 2019, freelancers are exceptionally talented individuals. Workers talents can vary in their skills and specialization. Online freelance marketplaces, such as Krios, are driving freelancers to find quality employment in the gig economy. Krios delivers knowledgeable specialized workers and opportunities for remote work with a variety of employers around the world. Using Krios, employers can gain access to vast pools of talented professionals.

Krios Freelancing WorkFreelancers save money over hiring a full-time employee and supply support and knowledge otherwise inaccessible to small companies. Krios enables small businesses to employ specialized freelancers and leverage expertise on an as-required basis. Locating skilled freelancers on Krios is an easy task.

Using Krios, employers can easily find expert freelancers in a wide variety of technical skills. Their category of expertise can identify freelancers.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search engine
  • Website/Blog
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Developer
  • Writing
  • IT & Networking
  • Translators
  • Customer Service
  • App Developers
  • Music/Voice
  • Mobile Developers

Once the employer chooses a primary skill category, other sub-categories can screen candidates even further. As an example, if you were seeking workers for IT & Networking work, these are the sub-categories available to choose from:

  • Database Administration
  • Linus SysOp
  • Network Management
  • Routing/Internet Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Windows SysOp

Freelancing offers many benefits.

  • The flexibility to plan a daily schedule and choose when to work
  • The ability to pick an employer and set the level of compensation
  • The freedom to work from home and service remote employers

Additionally, freelancers can choose how they receive compensation. Many professionals opt to receive pay on a per-project basis and not an hourly wage.

Freelance professionals complete work on-time and within the projected budget. Some of the world’s largest companies, including IBM, BBC Worldwide, and even Facebook tap into the global freelancer talent pool and regularly hire skilled workers. Krios has become a go-to freelance platform for hiring trusted IT workers on-demand.

In 2019, freelancers enjoy a growing marketplace of quality employers. Furthermore, dynamic businesses are expanding productive capacity by hiring trained and experienced freelancers. Krios provides tools allowing employers to attract, engage, and connect with candidates quickly. The Krios platform meets this expanding marketplace with experienced project managers that can successfully administer skilled freelance talent. Project managers can collaborate more efficiently and lessen project delays.

Creating a campaign using Krios tools can help increase productivity, simplify communications, and resolve issues within a single, convenient online platform. Freelancers can message directly with their employers. Project managers can both supervise and instruct freelancers through this interface. Krios delivers straight forward communication and supervision of freelancers, making any project more efficient.

Hire the right highly skilled tech worker today on Krios.